RSMA 2022

i am a member of the RSMA and was a Governor representing them on the FBA .

I will be posting new works when I am showing with them here.


Exhibition opens on September 22nd and closes on October 1st

Prices of the paintings will on the RSMA exhibition website pages.

An incoming wave 61cm x 76cm

A walk through the foam 31cm x 41cm
together on the shore 41cm x 51 cm
White water 26cm x 46cm
On a summer sea 20cm x 20cm
Porthilly by moonlight 20cm x 25cm
Boy in the waves 25cm x 20 cm

2021 cannot delete this but then I am not sorry the last picture done with our beautiful Dixie.

dog not sure which ball to chose to play  with in the sea
Red ball blue ball? 14″ x 18″ this was in the 2021 show cannot delete it !