RSMA 2020

i am a member of the RSMA and am a Governor representing them on the FBA .

I will be posting new works when I am showing with them here.


paintings for this years show  September 30th – October 10th  for physical exhibition 

But can be viewed on line form September 1st.

Prices of the paintings are on the RSMA exhibition website pages.


this is the finished painting done as a virtual demonstration for the exhibition  the painting is not on show but is available on my website.

A young woman enjoying her walk along a Cornish cliff
walking on a Cornish cliff 18″ x 24″
a discussion in twilight
A peaceful evening 18″ x 22.5″
little girl looking forward to step into the sea
An inviting Sea 16″ x 12″
Boy's first steps in the refreshing sea
Stepping into bright water 12″ x 16″
busying themselveson the shore
A busy pair 8″ x 12″
two children going to have fun on the saeshore
Exploring the seashore 12″ x 16″
dog not sure which ball to chose to play  with in the sea
Red ball blue ball? 14″ x 18″